Why do baseball players say can of corn?

Why do baseball players say can of corn?

can of corn. A high, easy-to-catch, fly ball hit to the outfield. The phrase is said to have originated in the nineteenth-century and relates to an old-time grocer’s method of getting canned goods down from a high shelf.

Who coined the phrase can of corn in baseball?

White Sox broadcaster Ken “Hawk” Harrelson likes to use the phrase these days, and Hall of Fame broadcaster Red Barber is credited for using it first as one of his signature catchphrases when he started broadcasting Brooklyn Dodgers games in 1939.

What does the idiom can of corn mean?

a can of corn

  1. A very easy task. The phrase is thought to come from the act of dropping cans of vegetables from high grocery store shelves and then catching them. Come on, these chores are a can of corn—you can get them done in 10 minutes.

Can of corn baseball hit?

A “can of corn” in baseball is when a batter hits an easy fly ball to an outfielder. A “can of corn” fly ball is so easy to catch, that it is a guaranteed out. Generally, an outfielder will not have to move far or exert much effort to make the catch.

Why is a fastball called Cheese?

It’s called cheese because cheese is easy to slice through. Cheese is a fastball that is easy to hit. Cheese is a fastball that is easy to hit.

What does Stinky Cheese mean in baseball?

What is Uncle Charlie in baseball?

One of the early nicknames of the curveball was Uncle Charlie, or sometimes, Lord Charles. This was derived from the name of Harvard President Charles Elliot, who was opposed to the adoption of the curveball and considered it to be cheating.

What does can of corn and I’ll be fine mean?

A “can of corn” is an easy-to-catch flyball, usually hit high and into the outfield. A typical synonym for “can of corn” is “routine flyball.”

Why do they call a pop fly a can of corn?

The choice was specific: just as fly balls are routine in baseball, catching a can of corn from a nearby shelf was a daily routine for grocers. And because the cans of corn were accessible, the catches themselves were easy—just as it is in baseball when a fielder gets a “can of corn.”

Can of corn meaning football?

a fly ball that is so easy to catch that the fielder need only stand under the falling ball and let it drop into their glove: That’s the third straight can of corn off a Yankee bat tonight, and the Toronto outfield is not complaining.

What does the idiom old lady mean?

One’s wife or female romantic partner. I’d better not stay for another drink, or my old lady will start to wonder where I am! His old lady gets pretty jealous when he spends time with his female friends.

Can of Worms meaning?

: to create a complicated situation in which doing something to correct a problem leads to many more problems Our boss is reluctant to change the policy now because she doesn’t want to open a can of worms.

What do you yell at a baseball game?

“Let’s go [team]!” – The most common baseball fan chant. “Come on, Blue!” – This comes from hecklers in the stands. “Blue” is the umpire (blue generally being the color of his shirt). When fans don’t like the ump’s call – especially on balls and strikes – you’ll hear them yell this.

What do you say to a baseball player?

30+ Great Baseball Slogans to Buck Up Your Team

1 Deeds not Words.
2 Demand respect or expect defeat.
3 Don’t let the fear of striking out, hold you back.
4 Every game is game seven.
5 Hit, Run, Score!

Cookie: An easily hittable pitch. Crooked number: A team’s inning run total greater than zero or one.

What does Oppo Taco mean?

An oppo taco is a home run that is hit to the opposite side of the field from where the batter is standing.

What is a cement mixer in baseball?

A cement mixer happens in baseball when the pitcher releases the ball with his entire hand while facing the batter. The axis, which the ball rotates, must face the hitter when doing this pitch.

What does cheddar mean in baseball?

Another Word for Cheese

As baseball terms evolve now and then, some also call cheese, cheddar or ched. Accordingly, the pitchers throw a cheese, ched, or cheddar by throwing the baseball at a speed of 95 to 100 mph.

What pitch is illegal in baseball?

An illegal pitch may be quick pitch (i.e. a pitch made before the batter is properly set in the batter’s box), a pitch made while the pitcher is not in contact with the pitching rubber, or one in which he takes an extra step while making his delivery.

What does in the kitchen mean in baseball?

When a pitcher crowds a batter with a pitch, he is often said to be in the hitter’s “kitchen”. This expression is as old as baseball itself. If a batter got jammed and broke his bat, older players used to say, “He got in his kitchen and broke a few dishes.” Or, “He rattled a few pots-n-pans in Pujols’ kitchen.”

Why is it called a curve ball?

In 1869, the newspaper described Phonney Martin as an “extremely hard pitcher to hit for the ball never comes in a straight line, but in a tantalizing curve.”

How heavy is a can of corn?

Del Monte Canned Golden Sweet Whole Kernel Corn, 15.25 oz Can.

Can of corn size?

Sizes Available: 8.75oz, 15.25oz, 29oz, 106oz.

What movie is can of corn?

Children of the Corn (advertised as Stephen King’s Children of the Corn) is a 1984 American supernatural slasher horror film based upon Stephen King’s 1977 short story of the same name.

What is Candy corn baseball?

noun: an easy fly ball or pop fly. An easy catch. More generally speaking, an easy play made in the field. The term “can o’ corn” (or “can of corn”) is one those archaic terms of baseball that has withstood the ages.

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