What does in the hole mean in baseball?

What does in the hole mean in baseball?

The Batter Who Comes After the On-Deck Batter The batter is said to be “in the hole” because they are the next up and in the dugout, which is typically down further in the ground than the actual field.

Why do they say on-deck and in the hole?

Which is to suggest that you can only launch one fighter at a time, implying that there’s an order to follow when getting multiple fighters launched. A pilot “on deck” would be ready to go. A pilot “in the hole” would be below the surface of the deck, waiting his turn to go until the pilot “on deck” has launched.

Why is it called on-deck?

Yes, like a sailing ship. As you can probably guess, to be"on deck" was to be in the main area of ship, aboveboard, and to be “in the hold” was to be in a holding place below deck.

What is the 3 hole in baseball?

#3. The third batter, in the three-hole, is generally the best all-around hitter on the team, often hitting for a high batting average but not necessarily very fast. Part of his job is to reach base for the cleanup hitter, and part of it is to help drive in baserunners himself.

What is after in the hole in baseball?

In baseball, on-deck refers to being next in line to bat. In a professional game, the batter who is on deck traditionally waits in a location in the foul territory called the on-deck circle.

Where does the expression ace in the hole come from?

The idiom ace in the hole comes from the game of poker. Some versions of poker involve dealing a hand of cards face up for all to see and a card face down or in the “hole” that only the player can see. The ace is the highest card in poker, and so an ace in the hole can mean a winning hand.

Why do they say coming down in baseball?

Coming Down!" can only mean Little League is underway. It’s the call the catcher makes to his defensive team after his pitcher is warmed up. It tells the outfield to throw their practice balls into the dugout and tells the infield to get ready for a practice throw from the catcher to second base.

What does on-deck mean in slang?

ON DECK means “Ready.” The phrase ON DECK is widely used, especially in the US, with the meaning “ready.” For example: Jo: The first act is on at 8 o’clock.

What is the 5 hole in baseball?

The 5 Hole Area

Also called the 5-6 hole, the 5 hole in baseball refers to the area between the shortstop and the third baseman. On the other hand, the 4 hole that is also sometimes called the 3-4 hole is the open space that lies between the first baseman and the second baseman.

What does pinch hitter refer to?

1 : a baseball player who is sent in to bat for another. 2 : a person who does another’s work in an emergency. More from Merriam-Webster on pinch hitter. Encyclopedia article about pinch hitter.

Why is it called batting cleanup?

Theory. The thinking behind the use of the cleanup hitter is that at least one of the batters before him will reach base somehow, usually via a walk or a base hit. Traditionally, the lead off hitter, the number one spot in the batting order, has good foot speed, plate discipline, and a high on-base percentage.

What is cut 4 in baseball?

What is the 4th batter called?

The fourth or cleanup hitter is supposed to be the best power hitter. His job is to drive in the top three hitters when they get on base. The fifth place hitter is usually another power hitter, but one who isn’t quite as good as the cleanup hitter.

Is the last batter the worst?

The last spot in your lineup should be reserved for the worst batter on your team. By definition, they will receive the fewest at-bats out of any spot in the lineup, thus mitigating their ineffectiveness quite a bit.

What does it mean to bat 5th?

Batting 5th…

Players batting in this spot are known for producing RBIs at an above-average pace with either hits or sacrifice flies. An ideal hitter for this spot has raw power, a good on-base percentage, and can hit to all fields.

What is the nickname for third base?

Third base is known as the “hot corner”, because the third baseman is often the infielder who stands closest to the batter—roughly 90–120 feet away, but even closer if a bunt is expected. Most right-handed hitters tend to hit the ball hard in this direction.

Where does the best batter hit?

Your best hitters should bat in the number three and number four spots in the order. Put the speedier (and/or higher on-base) of the two in the number three slot. Follow that up with your next best on-base guys in the number one and two spots.

What’s another way to say ace in the hole?

In this page you can discover 10 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for ace-in-the-hole, like: sure advantage, decisive argument, card up one’s sleeve, decisive resource, hidden advantage, secret advantage, secret weapon, trump card, ace-up-one-s-sleeve and reserve.

Why is a fastball called Cheese?

cheese. A fastball, particularly one that is difficult to hit. A fastball high in the strike zone is also called high cheese, and one low in the zone can be called cheese at the knees. ‘Easy Cheese’ refers to the seemingly effortless motion of a pitcher as he throws a fastball at very high velocity.

Why do baseball players say kid?

“Not your pitch, kid. Not your pitch.” This is something a fan will shout when a player has taken a called strike. It sounds encouraging, like “you’ll get them next time” but what it really means is “You should’ve swung at that one. You’re one of our best hitters, and you blew it.

What is slang for a fastball?

Gas: Another term for a fastball. “This pitcher is throwing gas.”

What does it mean to deck a girl?

to hit someone, especially to hit someone and knock them down: Do that again and I’ll deck you.

What does beer on deck mean?

Now that “On Deck” is set up, enter in beer info, check “On Deck” and click “Add beer” This creates a new “On Deck” section at the bottom of your menu. On the menu below you’ll see we’re letting customers know it’s fresh hop beer season and a couple fresh-hop beers will be available soon.

What is gun deck Navy slang?

Slang. The term “gun deck” is also navy slang for fabricating or falsifying something.

Why is shortstop 6 and not 5?

Why is the shortstop #6 and not #5? This was because originally, in the early days of baseball, the shortstop was the fourth outfielder. Later, the shortstop was moved permanently to the infield but his number stuck at #6.

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