What does 12U mean?

What does 12U mean?

12U: Players are 12 as of 12/31/16. 14U: Players are 14 as of 12/31/16. Example: 10U means that all players are 10 as of 12/31/16. So, 10U teams would be able to have 11 year olds if they turned 11 after the new year.

What does 14U mean in baseball?


14u is the transition league that takes players from the “kid” leagues to “young adult” status. It permits a player to play on a diamond tailored to his size and capability rather than being moved to one with twice the playing area in a single year.

What age is 12U?

12U Division

Players who turn 13 prior to May 1 of the current season are not eligible unless they are in the 6th grade. Also, any player turning 14 prior to August 1 will not be eligible. Players who are 12u are eligible for this division regardless of their grade.

What does 13U mean in baseball?

When it comes to these baseball leagues, the “U” in “13U” stands for “under”. So a 13U baseball league typically means that any player who is 13 years of age and younger is eligible to play.

What does rising 11U mean?

5U/6U (2017/2016 birthdays) 7U/8U (2015/2014 birthdays) 9U/10U (2013/2012 birthdays) 11U/12U (2011/2010 birthdays)

What is a 12U team?

12U Baseball Description: Takes Players 11 & 12 years old into the full game with no restrictions on base stealing. Strict pitching restriction based on innings, pitch counts, or combinations thereof, are used and enforced.

How big is a 12U baseball field?

Dimensions of Fields for Middle-School-Aged Players

12 years old: Usually play on fields which are 50/70, meaning 50-foot pitching distance and 70-foot bases.

What age group is 15U?

Birth Years/Age Groups

Season 2020-2021 2027-2028
2016 12U
2015 13U
2014 7U 14U
2013 8U 15U

Can a 14 year old play in the Little League World Series?

How old are Little League World Series players? All players in the 2022 Little League World Series must be no older than 12 and no younger than 10.

How far are 12u bases?

Generally, the distance between base paths on fields for 12-year-olds and below in baseball and in all divisions of softball is 60 feet.

Is 9U kid pitch?

In general, 9U baseball is not coach-pitch. At the 9U baseball level, there may be a handful of coach-pitch leagues, but a majority of 9U baseball teams are kid-pitch leagues.

What size field does 14U play on?

The minimum field size for 14U games is 100 x 50 yards. The Goals: Official size goals (8 feet high and 8 yards wide) are used in 14U games.

Can a 12 year-old play Babe Ruth Baseball?

12 year-old swing players are eligible to play Babe Ruth baseball and can register for the Prep League.

Can a 13 year-old play in the Little League World Series?

The Intermediate 50/70 division, is for players league-age 11-13, this division of Little League Baseball® offers postseason tournament opportunities, including a World Series that is currently played in Livermore Calif., The division was created to offer a transition level for players between the standard Little …

How far does 11U pitch from?

11U/12U pitch at 46 feet and the bases are at 60 feet. At Walker, it’s the closest base pegs (of three) and the closest pitching rubber. (Please note there is sometimes a third pitching rubber that is temporary for AA games in which case 46 feet would be the middle rubber).

What does the U mean in baseball?

In baseball, a utility player is a player who typically does not have the offensive abilities to justify a regular starting role on the team but is capable of playing more than one defensive position.

What age is 8U baseball?

8u (Ages 7-8)

What is 18U?

18u players are ages 13-18 years old. Players aged 18 years or less on January 1 of the current year are eligible for 12u play.

How do you get selected for USA Baseball?

The USA Baseball National Team Identification Series (NTIS) is the most comprehensive player identification program offered by USA Baseball. Players from across the country will begin the identification process by participating in camps and tryouts at the local level in one of six regions across the country.

How far is the mound for 14U?

When players reach the 14U level, the pitching mound is moved back to 43 feet and that is where it will stay. The ball size will remain at 12 inches for the remainder of a softball players career as well.

What year is U14?

20092022 - 2023 Season

Playing Age Birth Year
U16 2007
U15 2008
U14 2009
U13 2010

What age is U10?

Your “soccer age” for Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 seasons is the age they were between Jan 1, 2016 and Dec 31, 2016.Determining your “Soccer Age”

Age in 2016 Fall 16 Spring 17
7 U8 U8
8 U9 U9
9 U10 U10
10 U11 U11

What year is U19?

Season 2017-18 2019-20
2004 U14 U16
2003 U15 U17
2002 U16 U18
2001 U17 U19

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