What’s exciting about baseball?
Baseball What’s exciting about baseball?

What’s a fun fact for the day? What are some fun facts about sports? Why was baseball invented? What’s the shortest baseball game ever? What is the fastest pitch ever thrown?

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How is a sinker thrown?
Baseball How is a sinker thrown?

What grip do you use to throw a sinker? Is a sinker a 2 seam fastball? What’s the difference between a changeup and a sinker?

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What position is RHP?
Baseball What position is RHP?

What is RHP and LHP in baseball? What does H stand for in baseball? Why are most first baseman left handed? Where is right field on a baseball diamond?

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Why is it called walk off?
Baseball Why is it called walk off?

What is the term walk off mean? What does walk off mean in sports? Who has the most walk offs in MLB history? Is a walk off hit always a single?

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